KIDS at Church!

Sunday Morning Children's Class!

Greater York Baptist Church offers programs for kids up to 6th grade. Your children will be in a safe environment where they will learn about Jesus and have a fun time doing it. 


If your kids are 6th grade or below, then they come to worship with us in the main auditorium. After worship, all kids are dismissed to th children's classroom for the rest of service where they will be taught the Word of God on their level! Oftentimes, when church is over, the kids will proudly bring out their lessons and crafts to their parents! At Greater York Baptist Church, we count it one of the greatest blessings to teach young children the Bible.

Children's Bible University!

Wednesday Evening at 7 PM

Children's Bible University is a mid-week opportunity for your children to come and learn more about our God from the Bible! We have three segments of learning. First, there is activity time. Typically, this filled with either games, songs, trivia, skits, activities, or object lessons. Secondly, there is lesson time. We strive to make the Bible knoweable even to Children. And third, every child has book time where they will do their best memorizing Bible verses and working with tutors in an inclusive auditorium setting!


Children's Coloring Pages

Have Fun Coloring the Bible!


Safe Enviroment

Volunteers at all children's ministries at Greater York Baptist Church work hard to create an atmosphere where families can confidently leave their children while they are in service. Every volunteer is screened with a background check and the kids Classroom has windows monitored by security personnel, as well as multiple volunteers helping out each class time. Don't worry parents - together we've got this! We want to make sure Safety is a number one priority!


The overarching goal of our children’s ministry is to connect the dots for Children, so they can see the bigger picture.

1. Knowledge of God and Jesus Christ - The most important truth our children can ever learn is who God really is. We must present to them the reality of God’s consistent character and to see how one attribute of Him does not contradict another.  He is all mercy, all love, all truth, all grace, all powerful, all justice, all knowing, ect. . .  We must present a balanced view of God.  Again, give them the big picture. 

2. Bible taught with Christ as it’s subject. - No more isolated Bible stories. They must see how each character and event fits into the plot of history and the theme of the book in which it was written. The subject of all books in the Bible is Christ.    

3. Love God and love others - The big picture spiritually is for us to love God and love others. These are the two commands which all spiritual reproof, instruction and correction in God’s Word points to. Life is about relationships, in particular, our relationship to God and then towards others.